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What do we offer you?


Research the industry and current marketing strategy


Engaging posts that include unique visual imagery.


2 posts per day, 5 days per week.


Monitoring of all interactions with consumers.


Some of our additional services are:


Manage your account for an additional week

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 34.10


Create a background banner for your social media pages

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 23.90


Revamp your social media page with SEO content, the latest features, and eye-catching images

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 32.00


Create secure links to improve your SEO and Google rankings

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 30


SEO report and action plan to your site’s visibility and traffic.

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 42.50


Provide you with 3 custom Google Plus local reviews to boost your SEO.

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 41.90


400-word400 word article, blog, SEO-rich website content.

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 28.75


What are the prerequisites to start the job?

Just your URL, we may need administrator access.



Service Provider

Edward P

I've been in the top 10 advertising and social media marketers for the past 8 years!

I am still the original and most experienced SEO marketing specialist dedicated to increasing


Management of social network pages: Twitter LinkedIn YouTube

USD $59.30

Hourly rate starting at USD $ 59.30


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

Social media

Social media design

Social media strategy


Delivered in 7 days

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  • Release May 23, 2022
  • Updated May 29, 2022
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