What do we offer you?



Design of a professional, custom LinkedIn company page for you.


Registration of your company name on LinkedIn to get your page verified and approved with a unique URL.


Insertion of your company logo and cover page on your page.


We will complete your business information: contact details, location, opening hours among others.


Relevant home page posts tailored to your specific business.


Increase the credibility of your new page.


Social media strategy.


Some of our additional services are:


Add 200 LinkedIn company followers to increase your credibility.

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 25.80


Add 1000 personal connections to your personal LinkedIn profile

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 23.15


Create a month of posts on LinkedIn: increased engagement, interactions and SEO

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 89.90


Manage your social media pages for a week to increase engagement, SEO and followers.

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 42.30


Full social media report so you can boost Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 38.60


Provide a full SEO report of your website to see why it is not ranking well in Google

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 47.20


Send you 500 records of B2B company data to cold call and sell.

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 28.50


Send real and genuine traffic to your website to improve your SEO and Google ranking.

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 28.60


Create a month of blogs: amazing SEO rich text for Rocket Google

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 110

Add 1000 real Facebook likes or 1000 genuine Twitter followers to boost your SEO

1 additional day completely FREE


+USD $ 28.70


What are the prerequisites to start the job?

Just your LinkedIn profile login details, website URL and email address, as well as any logos or images you'd like us to use!


Service Provider

Social Media Design

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We remain the original and most experienced SEO marketing specialists , dedicated to your success.


Custom LinkedIn business page design to boost your SEO and rankings!

USD $57.40

Hourly rate starting at USD $ 57.40


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management


Delivered in 7 days


Service Information

  • Release May 24, 2022
  • Updated May 29, 2022
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